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Recruit employees faster and more affordably. Our program is designed specifically for builders and contractors. Send us your job description and we’ll get it posted within 1 business day.  

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Prior to opening Ohio Handyman, founder Linda Simpson was Vice President of HR teams for OhioHealth’s Grant Medical Center and Doctors Hospital. She’s been a recruiter for 25 years, and know how to find top talent quickly and affordably. Ohio Handyman’s recruiting services bring the benefits of that expertise – and an in-house computer system that allows our team to advertise and fill jobs fast. We know first-hand how your ability to generate revenue is directly tied to how quickly you can fill key positions.

Save Money

Chances are, you’re paying at least $100 every time you post a single job on Indeed. It could be more if you’re bidding a higher amount per day to be shown to more people, and the cost only climbs with multiple job postings. With a service such as ZipRecruiter, a single position could be costing you upwards of $350. 


Save Time

Don’t spend hours sifting through candidates who don’t meet your qualifications. By subscribing to Ohio Handyman’s recruitment services, you’ll be able to filter out 100% of the candidates who don’t meet your minimum qualifications. This service is included in your monthly subscription, and is guaranteed to increase the percentage of resumes you review that reflect candidate qualifications in line with what you want.


Make it Fun

Yes, recruiting should be fun! There is a definite shortage of skilled labor in central Ohio, but with our services, you’ll be spending a fraction of the time finding the right people. No more time wasted waiting for manpower to rachet revenue up. How do we do this? When you use our services, your jobs will be posted not just to Indeed, but also to Facebook, Twitter and even Craigslist. That means you’ll see more candidates faster, and you’ll have a method to attract candidates from different generations, depending on how much experience you’re seeking.

Hire A+ Players

Our premium service allows you to make hiring decisions fully informed by an awareness of candidate conviction records. If your top candidate has ever had a DUI, or been found guilty of domestic violence, or been caught in possession of illegal drugs, or been convicted of anything else, you’ll know. Find out about these things before you put your reputation and safety of other employees at risk.

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