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Smart thermostats, video-equipped doorbells, house-wide sound systems, 
lighting control systems – these are examples of how home owners are increasing their productivity and enjoyment at home.

What new conveniences can Ohio Handyman bring to your home?

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Get More Accomplished Faster 

Imagine – an entire suite of lights and appliances, all controlled from your smartphone. Waste no more useless time and energy roaming around your home to turn on lights. If you’re an ambitious employee or business owner, your time is precious. Make it count by installing the tools American’s most successful home owners use to relax harder.

If you can find it on Amazon, we can install it, including:

  • Smart light switches
  • Touch-screen deadbolt locks
  • Motion-activated floodlight cameras
  • Calming ambient lights & dimmable light bulbs
  • WiFi/smartphone operated ceiling fans and fireplaces
  • Energy-efficient thermostats you control from your phone
  • Standard blinds converted to remote controlled operated ones

You may not have complete control of your children, boss, pets or the stock market. Yet you can have complete control of your home appliances. Smart technology increases your freedom and use of disposable time. It helps you run your home more efficiently and more cost-effectively. After we finish our installation for you, these might just be your favorite new toys!

Win The Temperature War With a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are a great solution for people who like to automate temperature control. This can help save on electrical bills. It can give you a competitive advantage in a house hold where you and your significant other like different temperatures! You can even change the temperature control from the beach or your office.  

Many such devices can also be app-accessible, so you can adjust the temperature anywhere – whether that means not having to get out of bed at night, or not having to worry about frozen pipes while you’re on vacation. And consider the advantage you’ll have over your spouse who keeps adjusting the thermostat in the wrong direction!

Sleep Better With A Good Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan replacements are some of the most common services customers request. We’ll replace an existing fan with a new one, and even assemble the new one right out of the box. Relax, sleep and enjoy being home better with a good ceiling fan overhead. 

One of the more popular innovations in home security, video doorbells stand out as a home security power house. We can install smart doorbells that you can access from anywhere, allowing you to see, hear and even talk to people who come to your door – even if you’re not home! 

From multi-room sound systems to app-controlled smart thermostats, security cameras and lighting systems, we can install the best home automation systems on the market. 

Brighten Life With Premium Lighting 

Reduce your electric bill, control your lights without moving from the recliner, and improve security when you’re away. We can install a wide variety of conventional lights, whether you’re aiming to replace porch lights, add pendant lights or install a great new chandelier you found at HomeGoods. 

You earned your degree, paid the dues, made the sacrifices. You deserve a little luxury in your life. It’s time to enjoy what you’re worked so hard to build – a career, a family, a business.  Light up your life with premium, productivity-enhancing task lighting, and mood-altering ambient lighting. 

Amplify The Sweet Sounds of Home

It’s time to replace the cassette player with some Sonos or Bose wireless speakers – controlled from your smart phone!

Whether you’re entertaining guests with music or just looking for your podcasts to follow you from one room to the next, we have sound solutions to make it easier. Our wireless sound system setups make it easy to centrally control everything and seamlessly transition from one area to the next. When was the last time you cranked up the music loud enough to drown out the stress of the day?  

More Luxury Home Features

Security: Feel Spidey Safe After Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Thieves helping themselves to things from unlocked cars parked right in front of homes has become as prevalent as basketball hoops in too many Columbus neighborhoods. Stop theft in your driveway by installing motion sensor lights in front and around back. They’re easy and inexpensive ways to help your home and family be safer. 

Smart TV Mounting & Wire Concealment

Like to watch Amazon Prime or Netflix through your Roku? Thinking of investing in another 4k TV? Ohio Handyman can get your system up on the wall quickly and conveniently. We’ll bring the hardware to save you ordering it. If you want to purchase your own mounting hardware, we can come in and finish just the installation and setup. We also offer packages to conceal wires. Services include:

  • Hardware supply (fixed and full swivel mount)
  • Video and audio connection set up
  • Wire dressing (including “in-wall” concealment)
  • Smart TV setup
  • WiFi connection
  • Device configuration
  • Soundbar mounting

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