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Fencing Repair & Installation

Straighten the aged, leaning posts. Fix the storm damage. Take your existing fence from eyesore to eye-catching with professional fence repairs. If your fence needs repair, we’ll be happy to come out, take a look and see what it will take to bring it back to being functional and looking good enough to host the next block party or soccer team cookout.

From security to privacy to keeping a new dog in the yard, we know there is no shortage of reasons to install a new fence, and we have the resources to get your fence in place just the way you want it. Our wood fence installation services are versatile and can be used for almost any purpose and style, and we work with other materials as well, such as vinyl and composite.


A good-quality exterior paint job has an immediate positive impact on appearance and can make a huge difference in a home sale setting. Whether it’s a comprehensive paint job or just new paint on the wood trim, Ohio Handyman has the know-how to bring your front yard to life.

Our Painting Services

Porch Updates & Wood Trim

Improve the impression friends and family have by updating your front porch.  By completing simple repairs to steps and painting pillars, you’ll also increase your home’s curb appeal, which is especially important if you’re selling your home. 

In addition to painting exterior trim, we can also repair or replace the trim around windows and doors. Wood trim can work on houses with wood siding or vinyl siding, and there are a variety of great-looking options, including composite blends and entirely synthetic materials.

Deck Repairs & Staining Services

An aging deck can be as unsafe as it is unsightly. We offer a variety of services to make decks and something their owners can be proud of again. Our skilled technicians will make repairs to your deck, or simply revitalize it with a fresh coat of stain. Our services include:

  • Repair steps
  • Replace boards
  • Replace railing
  • Replace skirting underneath deck
  • Power wash
  • Stain and paint

Paver Patios

Damaged pavers are a pain – they look bad, and they’re hard for homeowners to fix. For us at Ohio Handyman, though, replacement is a breeze, and can be done as comfortably as possible. Whether it’s just one or two pavers gone awry, or an entire section that’s been sunken or damaged, we have the tools to spruce it up.

Dad of The Year Award Goes To You.

Good dads know when to push, when to hug, and how to create a family-unifying backyard playground. Spend time with your children, not assembling the play set. We can help with installation, repair and staining.  Keep it safe with our professional installation.  


Ohio Handyman can build and install a new shed on your property for whatever needs you may have – storage, office space, living area, yoga studio, etc. And if you have an existing shed that needs a touch-up or more serious repairs, we’re ready to take on that job, too.

Our Carpentry Services

Power Washing

Power washing is a great way to get rid of the dirt, mold and algae growth on siding and decks.  We can get the exterior of your home sparkly clean.  If you’re selling your home, we’ll boosting its curb appeal.   Brick, wood and vinyl siding homes and decks will come back to life after a good power washing. 

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