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Challenging aspects of rental property management get a lot easier when you work with Ohio Handyman! We have an impressive list of services for building management companies that take a lot of things off your plate, making the management process much easier.

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Keep Your Rental Income Flowing

Avoid interruptions to your rental income by completing repairs fast after one tenant moves out and before a new one moves in. Our move out services are especially designed for landlords and property managers, and include:

  • Demo (flooring, walls, old showers and fixtures)
  • Repairs (doors, baseboards, flooring, plumbing)
  • Painting (interior, exterior, drywall)


From closet doors and built-in cabinetry to fence construction and siding repair, we have a vast array of carpentry services that can be put to use in your rental property. Our carpenters are quick, thorough and reliable, and will get your project taken care of in no time flat.

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Need to replace some damaged tile in an apartment, while keeping its look consistent with your other properties? We can take care of it. Looking to make some across-the-board changes in your kitchens and bathrooms? We can do that, too. Look to Ohio Handyman to make sure your tiling job gets done right.

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From interior touch-ups in individual apartments to large-scale transformations of building exteriors, Ohio Handyman has the resources to complete the paint jobs you need for your properties. Call us when you need a new look for your exterior trim, a consistent look for an interior wall or anything in between.

Home Sale Services

Getting a property ready for sale is one of our specialties. We have a list of every factor to address before the property officially becomes available, we can address every single item that shows up on a home inspection report and we can make a normally arduous process go significantly easier.

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Our residential renovation services can be of great utility to property management companies. Kitchens, basements, bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms – from backsplashes to basement finishing, Ohio Handyman can get it done.

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Smart Home & Electrical Services

Increase the value and appeal of your properties with some of our trendy, inspired features. Sliding barn doors, custom wall designs, shiplap trim and security-conscious exterior lighting are just a few of the super-popular additions that can make your property stand out from the competition.

Smart Home

Smart home features are a big selling point for renters, and Ohio Handyman can significantly increase the appeal of your properties through judicious use of them. In addition to smart thermostats, doorbells, lighting and sound systems, we can also install a variety of security features that use smart technology.

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Our flooring technicians take meticulous measurements to ensure you get the best possible service, and we work with America’s Floor Source to make sure you get the best possible quality, whether it’s for one singular property or a long list of them. Floors in one particular unit getting worn down or scratched? That’s in our wheelhouse, too. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll get the flooring looking amazing again.

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In addition to fences and sheds, we can also install or repair decks, porches and wood trim, among other facets. On top of that, we can improve the look of your property’s outdoor areas with our painting, staining and power washing services.

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