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Game-Changing Services

Gain financial freedom sooner than you ever expected. From pre-listing home inspection checklists to closing-conducive inspection remediation, we bring innovative expertise to help you help your clients sell homes faster. That means more money in your pocket. 

If your clients are not using Ohio Handyman, you’re losing deals to other realtors whose customers are.

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Pre-Listing Property Analysis

Use our pre-listing form to gain a comprehensive view of the important steps to take before putting a piece of property on the market. Using our checklist and taking care of all the items on it can make a substantial difference in the home’s assessed value, bolstering assessed value and listing price.

Ohio Handyman is where realtors are royalty.  Encourage clients to use this simple form, and you’ll move properties faster. Refer them to us for updates/upgrades and you’ll sell for higher sales prices. 

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Pre-Listing In-Home Consultation

If you want to be 100 percent sure the home you’re selling is listed at its maximum value, consider Ohio Handyman’s in-home consultation services. We’ll visit the property and work with you to check it out from stem to stern, identifying every area that affects valuation and determining how to get it in peak condition.

Pre-Listing & Post-Inspection Repairs

Once every item on your to-do list has been identified, Ohio Handyman is ready and willing to work with you and correct every item on it, which can mean a noticeable increase in offer prices. If the house is already listed and you have a home inspection checklist with a long list of repairs, Ohio Handyman can handle those, too, significantly reducing the time it takes to close the sale.

Pet Sitting

It’s easy enough to find somewhere else to be during a showing, or at least to keep the family out of the way. Making sure pets are tended to during a showing can be somewhat trickier – but Ohio Handyman takes that into consideration, and offers pet sitting services during showings to keep homeowners’ pets happy and occupied without interfering.

Box Delivery & Assembly

Ohio Handyman can also save a significant amount of time in the packing process. We’ll deliver boxes, then put them all together so you don’t need to obtain all the supplies yourself. All the homeowner needs to do is decide what to pack up!

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