An Untold Love Story: Millennial Homeowners & Speed Dial

The 5 Phone Numbers Any Young Homeowner Should Have On Hand

Handyman Services On Speed Dial

Congrats! You did the unthinkable – you’re finally a homeowner! Whip out those avocados and make that toast (maybe add some tomatoes if you’re fancy); you’re on top of the world. Relax! The hard work is over.

Wait, wait, wait. Where did all these ants come from? On top of that, your WiFi stopped working. Your backsplash is not Chip-and-Joanna-approved. You locked yourself out for the seventh time. Now you’re thinking, “Why did I buy and not just keep renting forever?” Chill. You’ve got this. Just keep these numbers close to you at all times!

Pest Control & Removal

Rodents, insects, spiders and bugs: They belong outside, not in your home – but try telling them that. Maybe you felt like a triumphant hero if you caught a mouse in a trap, but the problem doesn’t stop there. Pest control is necessary if you’d prefer to avoid the diseases that these rodents or insects carry, or if you can do without the nest they made inside your home. It’s no fun to deal with, so don’t try to impersonate John Goodman’s character from Arachnophobia; just call your local exterminator and let them save the day.

Emergency Contacts Beyond 911

Unfortunately, you can’t call 911 for every problem you encounter at home. But it’s just as easy to pull up these key numbers for problems that turn up unexpectedly, and for their areas of expertise, you’ll feel like they’re just as good as 911.

Home Gas Repair
  • Gas leaks: It smells, it’s messy, it’s dangerous and you can’t fix it yourself. Always have the number for your gas service provider when this happens; it can be even more serious than you think.
  • Electric: Too many wires for you to wrap your mind around? Something not connecting? Your local electrician can make the process faster and easier.
  • Internet/Cable: Forgot to pay your bill? Wi-Fi acting funky? It happens. Make sure you have your cable guy on speed dial for an easy fix.
  • Locksmith: You may have felt 100% positive you had your keys, but the power of positivity won’t unlock your door. You’ll be thinking to yourself, “Did we just become best friends?” once that locksmith gets you back into your house.

Top Handyman & Home Repair Company

Want your house to look like it’s been on an episode of Fixer Upper? It may look easy on reality TV, but in actual reality, it can be harder than you think. From TV mounting and flooring installation, to exterior painting and everything else in between, you should definitely have the phone number for the top handyman in your area.

Let’s be real: One of the main reasons you got this house was to show it off, right? Well, make sure it’s looking exactly the way you want it to. A good handyman can handle far more than you might think. Need a little more insight? Check out all of the residential handyman services we have to offer!

Hurricane Home Damage

Your Insurance Company 

Homeowners’ insurance can make you feel like you’re just wasting money each month, but you’ll be hailing yourself as a genius the first time you use it. Live in a place where hurricane season is a thing? Buy homeowners’ insurance. Your house was vandalized? Should have had homeowners’ insurance. Volcano damage? Homeowners’ insurance!

Seriously, the list could go on forever. Even if you have a plan already and you’re unsure whether the problem you face will be covered, it’s important to have a number to call at all times for those warranty coverage questions.

Your Dad

You may already know his number by heart, but even with all the support possibilities out there, sometimes you just gotta call Dad. He’s been your go-to since day one, and he suspiciously knows the answer to everything (well, at least when it comes to problems around the house). Don’t be embarrassed, it’s what he’s here for. Even better, he’s been through the exact same thing you’re going through at this exact moment, probably more than once. So when in doubt, give that guy a call. He’ll most likely be happy you called and, if he lives nearby, you might even get him to fix it for you.

Resources for New Homeowners

Program Those Digits Now

Having an Instagram-worthy house is important. However, if something goes wrong out of your control, you’ll want the help you need at your fingertips. Lucky for you, speed dial is literally at your fingertips and storing important numbers in your smartphone is simple. You’ll have your house always reaching at least 200 likes if you keep all these numbers just a click away.

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